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The Kite Runner is a 2007 film directed by Marc Forester based on the actual novel of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini. The Kite Runner is a profoundly emotional tale of friendship, family, devastating mistakes, and redeeming love. Golden Glove-nominated director, Marc Forster, brings to life Khaled Hosseini’s bestseller with a globally diverse cast and crew, mixing a remarkable group of non-actors from Afghanistan and Central Asia with an accomplished international cast. The result is a journey into a new world – through a universal human story that speaks to anyone who has ever yearned for a second chance to make a change and seek forgiveness. The Kite Runner film is simply a screen version of the novel, except a little shorter. For Khaled Hosseini, the ripple effect of the Kite Runner’s popularity and now the imminent release of the motion picture based on it, have been extremely gratifying. The novel was one of the most powerful and cinematic pieces of literature that ever existed. The Kite Runner is a story that is told in the most lyrical, evocative and beautiful way, one that lends itself to a visual interpretation; as one is reading, one literally see its events unfold.

Connections to the novel: 


The film is great to an extent but it misses out on some major occurrences in the story. In the storyline, Amir is supposed to go to a hospital due to Assef’s act of violence.  However, that part is not brought up in the movie. Also, the film fails to mention the part when Sohrab attempts to commit suicide. Cutting out the whole end section would have gone a long way to making The Kite Runner a touching and ultimately uplifting film. There is a lot of joy and beauty at work in the beginning, along with realistic looking streets in the Chinese stand-in for Kabul, but in the end, the plot gets mired in the details and the audience feels lost along the way. Additionally, in the book, Assef is described as a boy with blue eyes and curly blond hair, but in the movie, the director chooses an actor who does not possess those physical features. 

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